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Is WrenchPatrol for you?

Services and Repairs has its challenges.We hear you. We have answers.

Our job is to help fleet managers make vehicle maintenance as unobtrusive as possible - almost un-noticed – so that the rest of the business can run smoothly. So what are you working on? Down-time? Costs? Are there repairs not getting done because you and your team are buried with other paperwork? Here's what some of our commercial clients said to us just before they started using WrenchPatrol:

Accounting & Management

“I have 90 vehicles to manage. I need to make sure that issues are followed up. I want better reports, billing and tracking.”

Cost Saving

“We are spending too much on brake repair. I’d like to catch it before the rotors need replacing”

Finding Time to Schedule Oil Changes

“Our plumbers have a short window to get to their next appointment. Stopping at Mr. Lube costs too much time.”


Downtime in Business Hours

““As a car-share, our fleet is spread over the city. It costs us a whole day off the grid to get an oil change”

Better Visibility

“I want our vans’ brakes inspected every oil change. But that’s impossible to schedule, and even harder to get the inspection reports from the drivers.”


“Our drivers take their vehicles home and they service them. But I never see the inspection sheets. Not knowing what’s needed and what's been neglected is a liability.”



The Hidden Cost of An Oil Change

Advertised Price   Productivity Lost      
$49 + 1 hr x

$30 wages
$90 lost revenue potential

= $169
Average Quick-Lube Bill          
$100 + 1 hr x

$30 wages
$90 lost revenue potential

= $220


Calculate Your Fleet Management Cost Savings

What hidden costs of fleet maintenance can you save? How long do your vehicles sit in the mechanic shop waiting for parts? How many times did you have to tow a disabled vehicle? Do some back-of-an-envelope math and you might see some areas for improvement.

The true cost of fleet maintenance and repair includes the staff wages and lost productivity from vehicle downtime. The example calculation shown here revealed that the hidden costs - driving to and from the repair centre, waiting, and disabled vehicles - were costing one fleet nearly as much as their whole repair budget for the year.

Try the calculator. It's a simple excel file and it's yours to edit.

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