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→ Reducing Liability with Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Reducing Liability with Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

You are liable. Are your vehicles safe? How do you know?

Business gets in the way of services and inspections. Staff skip services and lose inspection paperwork. Quick-Lube technicians are not certified and can't do brake inspections. Keeping up with customer demands trumps vehicle maintenance.

Want a convenient way to make sure fleet maintenance and vehicle safety inspections get done without impacting your business?


No downtime for service

We come to you for scheduled maintenance on your job site, on the grid or wherever your vehicles are in business.

Inspection form emailed

Multi-point inspection forms completed by our certified mechanics are emailed to you on the day of service, and stored in our system along with photos of your vehicle.

Fleet Report

See your fleet at a glance. You'll get a report of upcoming maintenance and any outstanding issues every couple of weeks.


ProActive Hazmat - A WrenchPatrol Success Story

“Oil changes and inspections are important, but it’s mostly about the vans being safe to drive. Every company with fleet vehicles needs this at a basic level.”
Brian Gibson, General Manager at ProActive Hazmat

“The experience has been great. In less than six weeks, WrenchPatrol has serviced all of our vehicles and I now have a report that shows where we stand with each of them. I’ve never been able to do that.”
Jake Shewchuck, Warehouse Manager at ProActive

Try the calculator. It's a simple excel file and it's yours to edit.

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